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John C. Dicey
4 min readNov 10, 2022


Are non-smokers & ex-smokers unaware of the downside of vaping?

“Disposable vapes — not great for your life or the environment”

An increasing number of former smokers are getting in touch with us having either reverted to smoking as a result of dabbling with vapes or becoming hooked on vaping long term. Probably even more worrying are those who have never smoked but never the less have got sucked into the nicotine trap by ‘trying out’ vaping in their 20s and 30s or even older!

The situation is so advanced that we were implored to write a book and create an online video program designed specifically for vapers who have never smoked — or former smokers who having quit for years found themselves hooked on vapes.

Over ten years ago I warned about the dangers of youngsters getting lured into vaping and the impact that ruthless marketing by the nicotine industry would have on not only the young, but former smokers and “never smokers” too.

It is time to warn the general population that the health dangers of vaping are very real as are the other considerable downsides to it.

There is a widely held view amongst certain sections of the anti-tobacco establishment and public health sector (particularly in the UK) that warning the public of the dangers and downsides of vaping deters smokers from switching to the apparently less harmful form of nicotine addiction. I don’t agree with that view and believe that a vast majority of smokers do beleive that vaping is less harmful than smoking.

I speak as an accomplished ‘excuse-giver’ during my years of being a chain-smoker, failing time and time again to quit. I’d clutch at any straw in an attempt to save my pride and hide my embarrassment & shame. I’m sure anyone who has smoked remembers those excuses after failed quit attempts.

That smokers might use the excuse “it’s just as harmful as smoking — so what’s the point in switching” is in most cases exactly that, an excuse. An excuse for having failed to quit smoking after switching to vaping — or an excuse not to even try.

Given that is the case, the fact that we’re tippy-toeing around the downsides of vaping on the basis of protecting smokers from information that might deter them from switching, is absurd. Doing so at the expense of educating the general population about the dangers of vaping is simply not in the interests of public health!

So how does vaping make some people feel? Huge thanks to former smoker and vaper, Becky from Reading, Berks, UK who, having used Allen Carr’s Easyway, sent out this warning to those “never smokers” in peril of taking up vaping as well as former smokers who might be tempted to try it out.

In Becky’s own words:

“I’m on day 5 now and it feels great to be free from such a pointless, expensive and damaging habit! It finally clicked and now I can finally see through the myth.

I began vaping at 26 whilst dating a heavy smoker. I’d managed to briefly quit smoking again, but began going out for cigs with him on our work breaks. When we properly started dating I decided to take up vaping as I believed it was a healthier alternative to smoking (nicotine has been a part of my life for 20 years).

7 years later and I’ve regretted that decision. I’ve wasted loads of money, felt antisocial and embarrassed by the big vape clouds and sickly smell, have caused indoor surfaces to become grimy, and have accelerated my already bad gum disease, etc.

Yes, vaping is probably safer than smoking as there’s far less chemicals in vape juice than in a cigarette. However, only time will tell what the true dangers are.

Also what’s worrying is the recent trend of disposable vapes. At around £5 each, one vape pen contains approximately 45 cigarettes (and lasts most people, myself included, only 1 day). My other concern is their environmental impact: they’re made from plastic and a lithium battery. They’re incredibly addictive and I’m now seeing friends who never smoked or vaped before - using them. The devices are not easy to recycle and their increase in popularity is concerning (all that landfill…).

We’re (understandably) expected to pay for plastic bags in shops, and are constantly told to recycle/reminded of our environmental impact, but these things are being sold almost everywhere! It’s very concerning!”.

In the event that you feel trapped by vaping please do get in touch for advice and guidance — and do take a look at Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Vaping book — or online video program. Our Live Group Seminars are also highly effective for vapers and come with a money back guarantee.

From the desk of John C. Dicey, London, England.

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John C. Dicey

Former 80-a-day smoker who was freed by Allen Carr. Now Global CEO & Senior Therapist at Allen Carr’s Easyway (since 1998) & co-author of Allen Carr books.