#5. Postcards from the edge: Real-life questions from struggling smokers

“Will it be harder to quit smoking if my partner smokes?”

For more than 35 years we’ve received requests for advice by letter, email, and postcard from all over the world. We’ve answered every single one of them, and continue to do so with pleasure.
The “3 Shell Game”…rigged to ensure that you never, ever win

Now…would you play the “3 Shell Game”?

No thanks…not for me!

Because I don’t want one!

You’ll feel like Superwoman!

Allen Carr’s Live Group Seminars include a 3-month money back guarantee, free of charge back up sessions, telephone/email support for the few who require them.

Former 80-a-day smoker who was freed by Allen Carr. Now Global CEO & Senior Therapist at Allen Carr’s Easyway (since 1998) & co-author of Allen Carr books.